Located at Orchard Central, Steamroom with The Pillar and Stones (SRPS) is a multi-concept, contemporary lifestyle space that converges art, dining and retail. The space houses a “kaffatea” room (Steamroom), restaurant (The Pillar), retail and art lab (Stones). “Steamroom” reflects the process of kaffatea brewing; food is the key “Pillar” that brings people together; and “Stones”, a medium for the earliest form of art, reflects SRPS’ creative initiatives.

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Steamroom aims to advocate the appreciation of speciality teas and coffee through what the SRPS’ team call “The Art of Kaffatea”. Here, trained beverage professionals introduce consumers to brews that they have laboriously worked on to develop a way to serve each beverage at its optimum.



Its menu focuses on Chinese teas and currently lists more than 10 single origin varieties. The teas are brewed using a Steampunk machine and through an agitation process, it ensures that each variety of tea is optimally brewed to suit its unique nature to achieve the finest taste.

Aside from tea, customers can also enjoy a cup of aromatic kaffa (or more commonly referred to as coffee) at Steamroom. 

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The Pillar

At The Pillar, Executive Chef and Cuisine Principal Stephan Zoisl has dreamt up a menu that brings together the flavours of seasonal produce from around the world. The ingredient-focused contemporary cuisine reflects Chef Zoisl’s impressive experience and understanding of modern cuisine. Taken individually, the elements are incredibly simple, yet together, they form an exquisitely balanced dish as each texture and component rounds the other out.


His dishes at The Pillar reflect the space’s thought-provoking use of taste, colours and textures — to wit, a dessert called Inspired By Red features a medley of strawberries and raspberries prepared in various ways. There is raspberry sorbet, strawberry mousse, strawberry meringue, and juicy bits of fresh and freeze-dried fruits, all artfully plated so that it is as lovely to eat as it is to behold.

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A multi-functional art space conceived and run by practising artists and creatives, Stones is an art lab where aspiring artists can immerse themselves in masterclasses, workshops and jamming sessions led by professionals including Wong, Managing Partner of SRPS. Come late 2017, the arrival of a Klimsch Lithographic Press will allow art enthusiasts to experience the enriching process of lithography for themselves.


Stones also retails a range of lifestyle brands, each with their own unique stories. These include Portuguese men’s grooming label Musgo Real, Japanese knife maker Banshu Hamono, Brooklyn-based ceramic studio Group Partner, American handmade artisanal shoe label Aurora Shoe Company, and the in-house labels, Ultramarine Studio and In Real Life, of multi-label lifestyle and fashion company, Emporium of the Modern Man (EoMM).


Visit www.srps.space to find out more.